Features of Java

Java is a well-known high-level, server-side/backend, a class-based programming language that is easy to learn and understand. It is used in the distributed environment on the internet. The idea of java was based on creating a secure, easy-to-use, and portable programing language. This write-up will provide a detailed overview of Java features. So, let’s begin!

Features of Java

Java is commonly used because of its predominant features listed below:


Java is an objective-oriented language therefore it provides features like reusability of code, code maintenance, security, ease to use, etc.

Compiled and Interpreted

To convert the code from high level to the low-level language most of the programming languages utilized either the compiler or the interpreter while Java utilized both compiler as well as interpreter. The bellow-given diagram will demonstrate a better understanding of this concept:

Java program runs in two stages. In the first stage, the compiler compiled the Java code and generate a byte code while in the second phase the interpreter convert the byte code into machine code using JVM. In this way, java utilized the strength and resilience of both compiled as well as interpreted languages.

Platform Independent and Portable

The java program is platform-independent which means once a java program is compiled, it can run on any operating system such as Linux, Windows, or macOS. And hence it increases the portability of Java.

The platform-independent feature is linked with the compiled and interpreted feature. Java accomplishes platform independence feature because of byte code. A byte code is interpreted with the help of a Java virtual machine (JVM) and afterward, it can run on any machine like Windows, Linux, etc.


The distributed feature determines that a java program can run on a network easily. It means in Java programming users can develop distributed software/applications that can run on the network easily. For this purpose java utilizes the package which is capable of performing different functionalities related to networking like URL connection, protocols communication, etc.


Java offers a multithreaded feature that enables the simultaneous execution of multiple parts (threads) of a program. Multi-threading runs these programs simultaneously in a sequence and within a timely manner. Multithreading improves the CPU utilization, throughput, communication between the processes, etc.


Java provides a feature to add new classes or methods in a program dynamically. It can load/link the libraries, classes, objects, etc. at run time. Moreover, java can utilize the methods that are written in any computer language, and these methods are known as native methods.

Robust and Secure

Java provides robustness as it can handle exceptions, runtime errors, etc. It is said to be a robust language due to its strong memory management feature. And it is considered a secure programming language because it doesn’t support the concept of pointers. Moreover, the JVM plays a very crucial role in terms of security as it makes sure that no insecure program will run.


The syntax of Java is simple and easy to learn. Therefore, one who doesn’t have prior experience of using any programing language can also learn the java language. It is considered a simple programing language because it eliminates complex features like explicit pointers, operator overloading, etc.

Impact/importance of Java

Java has made a great impact on the IT industry because of its tremendous features and supreme products. And it is widely utilized by different well-known companies:

  • Google has an immense percentage of its development in Java.
  • Netflix, Amazon, and many more well-known companies are java users.
  • Accenture a very well-known US-based company utilizes Java for most of its clients.
  • Hardware companies such as Intel, Philips, etc. are also java users.
  • Java is considered the official language for android development.

Java has become the most popularly used language because of its extraordinary contributions in the IT industry.


Java is a widely known programming language because of its dynamic nature, robustness, security, easy-to-use, and many more features.

Some other major feature of the Java programming language is its portability and platform independence. This write-up covered some of the significant features that elaborate the importance of the Java programing language.

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